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Clayton Homes is one of the largest builders of manufactured and modular homes in the United States. Founded in 1956 by Jim Clayton, the company has gained a reputation for producing quality homes that cater to various lifestyles and budgets. They offer a wide range of housing options, from single-section homes to elaborate multi-section designs.

The Concept of Clearance Sales in the Manufactured Housing Industry

Clearance sales in the manufactured housing industry often refer to promotional events aimed at selling existing inventory to make room for new models or designs. These events may involve discounted pricing, special financing options, or additional incentives to attract potential buyers. Manufacturers like Clayton Homes frequently organize such sales to manage their inventory turnover.

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Benefits of Clearance Sales

  1. Discounted Pricing: Buyers can often find homes at reduced prices during clearance sales. This can be especially attractive for individuals or families looking for cost-effective housing solutions.
  2. Opportunity for Variety: Clearance sales might offer a diverse range of models, sizes, and features. It allows buyers to explore various options that might suit their preferences and needs.
  3. Incentives and Financing Options: During these events, manufacturers or dealers may offer special incentives, such as upgraded features, reduced interest rates, or other financing options, making homeownership more accessible.

What to Expect from Clayton Homes Clearance Events

Clayton Homes’ clearance events, when they occur, usually encompass a few key aspects:

  1. Diverse Inventory: These events may feature a selection of manufactured and modular homes from various lines and styles within the Clayton Homes portfolio. This could include single-section homes, multi-section homes, different floor plans, and varying design aesthetics.
  2. Promotional Pricing: Buyers can expect discounted prices or special offers on homes available during the clearance sale. These promotions might involve reduced prices, waived fees, or incentives like free upgrades on appliances or home features.
  3. Financial Assistance: Often, Clayton Homes and their affiliated dealers might offer assistance with financing, including favorable loan rates, down payment assistance, or financing options tailored to suit different financial situations.
  4. Consultation and Support: During these events, buyers can usually receive guidance from housing consultants or representatives who can help them explore various options, understand financing details, and make informed decisions.
  5. Limited Time Offers: Clearance events typically run for a limited time, encouraging potential buyers to act swiftly to secure the best deals available.
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Tips for Buyers during Clearance Events

  1. Do Your Research: Before attending a clearance event, research the types of homes available, their usual pricing, and features. This will help you identify whether the discounts offered during the event are genuinely beneficial.
  2. Inspect Homes Thoroughly: Even during a clearance sale, it’s crucial to inspect homes for quality, structural integrity, and desired features. Take your time to assess the property before making a decision.
  3. Understand Financing Options: Be clear about the financing terms and conditions. Ask questions and ensure you comprehend all aspects of the financial arrangement before committing to a purchase.
  4. Act Promptly: Since clearance events are often for a limited time, if you find a suitable home that meets your criteria and budget, it’s advisable to act promptly to secure the deal.
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1. What are Clayton Homes?

Clayton Homes is one of the largest builders of manufactured and modular homes in the United States. Founded in 1956, the company specializes in constructing a variety of housing options, catering to different lifestyles and budgets.

2. What is a clearance event at Clayton Homes?

A clearance event at Clayton Homes typically refers to a promotional sales event aimed at selling existing inventory to make way for new models or designs. During these events, buyers can often find discounted prices, special financing options, or additional incentives on homes that are part of the clearance sale.

3. When do Clayton Homes clearance events usually happen?

Clearance events at Clayton Homes, like those in the manufactured housing industry, are not necessarily scheduled regularly or at specific times of the year. They occur as needed to manage inventory turnover, usually when the company aims to clear out existing stock to make room for newer models or designs.

4. What types of homes are usually available during Clayton Homes clearance events?

Clayton Homes’ clearance events typically feature a diverse range of manufactured and modular homes. These can include single-section homes, multi-section homes, various floor plans, and different design aesthetics. The goal is to offer a broad selection to meet various preferences and needs.

5. Are there any benefits to buying during a Clayton Homes clearance event?

Yes, there are several potential benefits. Buyers can often find homes at discounted prices, access special financing options, and receive additional incentives such as free upgrades or reduced fees. These events can make homeownership more affordable and accessible for many individuals or families.


While there might not be specific, ongoing information about a “Clayton Homes Clearance” at the time of my last update, clearance events in the manufactured housing industry are fairly common. These events present an opportunity for prospective homeowners to find quality homes at discounted prices with additional incentives. Understanding what to expect and being well-prepared can help buyers make the most of these events and secure their ideal home within their budget and preferences. Always verify the most recent information and specific details about any ongoing events directly from Clayton Homes or their authorized dealers.

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